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When Auto Accidents Result in the Death of Another – DMV Fatality Hearings

A California Department of Motor Vehicles Fatality Hearing can take place when a vehicle driver has caused or contributed to an auto accident resulting in the death of another person. The California Department of Motor Vehicles can label the driver as a Negligent Operator and impose a fatality revocation of the driver’s license; thus withdrawing his or her privilege to operate a vehicle within the state. This can happen particularly in cases where the offender was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.   Make no mistake, however, a license revocation for a fatality accident can occur in a wide variety of cases beyond a DUI.

Grand Theft Auto Results in a Vehicle Accident Fatality

The Los Angeles Times reports that a tragedy occurred on a California Freeway when a woman allegedly stole a vehicle from a man while a toddler was onboard. Following the motor vehicle theft, the father of the child followed the woman until eventually losing sight of the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the woman accused of stealing the vehicle, allegedly abandoned the child on a sidewalk. After dumping the child, the 28 year female driver was fleeing the scene when she entered the I-210 Freeway as a “wrong way driver.” The alleged carjacker entered the I-210 Freeway in the City of Claremont traveling west in the eastbound carpool lane.

Shortly after entering the freeway in the wrong direction, an automobile accident occurred that left several people injured and one person dead. It is difficult to determine why the woman entered the freeway in the wrong direction.  Law Enforcement is conducting an investigation to get those answers. If the alleged perpetrator is found guilty of the charges, it is likely that she will not only face charges for the death of the victim, she will also be subject to the permanent revocation of her driving privilege.

Fatality Hearings

Although not all driving accidents that involve a death or serious injury are caused by carjackers, the California DMV will nonetheless suspend the driving privilege of an individual who was caused or contributed to a fatal accident.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident resulting in the death of another person, it is important to consider your rights. An experienced DMV Defense Hearing Expert can help you in your case by advocating for your driving privileges. License suspensions and revocations can impact you on many levels.  Of course there is the emotional and financial stress associated with such an event, but it can also affect a person’s ability to maintain employment.

Fatality revocations are a serious menace to your private independence. Seeking the help of a qualified and experienced advocate can benefit your case. It is also important to note that Fatality revocations are imposed for an indeterminate period. It has been general DMV policy to not consider reinstatement for a minimum of one-year, but it can be for a much longer period of time.

If you or someone you know is facing a Fatality Revocation, there may be an opportunity to argue for your case, ultimately saving your driving privileges. The California Drivers Advocates are devoted defenders who will champion your driving rights.

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