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DMV Defense Experts – Meet Our Team


The DMV Defense Experts of California Drivers Advocates

Our team of professionals has been representing drivers at all forms of DMV hearings for decades.  Also, DMV Defense is the only thing that we do.  We know the process and we know what it takes to be successful at beating the DMV. We will examine documents, interview witnesses, and subpoena additional evidence; such as audio and video tapes.  We will subpoena breath testing logs and medical documents.  In some instances we may subpoena the police officer to appear for cross-examination.  It is our policy to prepare for and conduct your hearing similar to a “mini-trial.”   Trust our DMV Defense Experts to get the job done correctly.  A less experienced person or team may result in the loss of your driving privilege.

California Drivers Advocates employs the services of several Administrative Advocates to fight for our clients at DMV hearings. Our Advocates are not attorneys. Our Advocates are former police officers or former DMV hearing officers with years of experience and thousands of administrative hearings under their belt. Our experience comes from the streets and from battles fought at the DMV. We grew out of the trenches and have the experience and the backbone to stand up for you.

Rob Collier
Founder & President

For nearly 15 years, Mr. Collier was the Operations Officer for one of the most prominent specialty DUI law firms in the country. Reporting directly to that firm’s owner, Mr. Collier directed the day to day operations of DUI attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and support staff. He developed the firm’s “white glove” policy of client care that is now the hallmark of our company. He has been involved in the preparation, investigation, and presentation of literally thousands of DMV administrative hearings throughout Southern California. Read more about Rob.

Pamela Moore
Administrative Advocate

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of DMV Administrative Hearings, Ms.  Moore possesses a solid background in all phases of DMV defense.  For more than five years, she was a Case Manager and Investigator for one of the most prestigious DUI Law Firms in the State of California.  For the past ten years, she has been a full-time employee with California Drivers Advocates as a Case Manager and is now a fully trained and experienced Administrative Advocate.  Learn more about Pamela here.


Mrs. Laura Kidd
Consultant & Advocate

Laura served the people of the State of California as an employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles for more than 26 years and was honorably retired in 2010. In the first five years of her DMV career, Laura worked at the DMV field office in the City of Bellflower.

In the first five years of her DMV career, Laura worked at the DMV field office in the City of Bellflower. Here she worked in the area of driver testing. Her training and experience spanned the various classes of driving, including the coveted “Commercial Class” driver. Laura’s experience also included working in all forms of registration confirmation. Read more about Mrs. Laura Kidd and her service here….

Wm. Darryl Kidd
Consultant & Advocate

Mr. Darryl Kidd retired as a Senior Hearing Officer after a 25 year career with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. His career began at the field office level where he worked to evaluate and qualify applicants for the California Driver License.

The latest addition to our DMV Defense team is Mr. Darryl Kidd. Darryl retired as a Senior Hearing Officer after a 25 year career with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. His career began at the field office level where he worked to evaluate and qualify applicants for the California Driver License. Darryl then transferred to the Division of Driver Safety where he was promoted to the position of Hearing Officer. .Read more…


Our Additional DMV Defense Expert Team – Investigators & Forensic Toxicologists

Investigators: Although your Administrative Advocate is your Champion who faces down the DMV hearing officers, opportunities for success are enhanced through the utilization of experts, including a Certified Traffic Collision Reconstructionist, a State of California licensed Private Investigator, a retired law enforcement official with nearly 30 years of honorable service, an investigator whose experience includes conducting investigations for legal counsel representing major automobile and tire manufacturing companies, and an investigator familiar with testimony in criminal courts, civil courts and testimony at State of California Department of Motor Vehicle hearings.  Investigators for California Drivers Advocates are selected and retained based on specialized knowledge, skills, decades of experience, histories of conducting successful investigations and their unwavering commitment to truth.

Forensic Toxicologist: CDA uses a DUI expert witness (i.e., Forensic Alcohol Consultant) to evaluate the scientific aspects of cases to determine if the technical issues of cases could be important in the defense of our clients. This expert worked in a southern California police crime lab for more than 20 years prior to entering the private sector to assist the defense of those charged with DUI. He has testified in many DUI trials and DMV hearings both as a people’s expert and as a defense expert during his more than 35 years in this profession. He has assisted us by thoroughly preparing us to challenge technical issues of cases, and by testifying in many DMV hearings on our clients’ behalf.


Quality DMV Defense isn’t something we preach, it’s what we practice. Our team is highly trained and experienced in every facet of our industry. This means that you’re in the best possible hands and protected by a team of professionals who care. 


When it comes to protecting your driving privilege, results are everything. We’ve conducted scores of DMV Administrative Hearings and our results are among the best in the State. Our goal is to win and that means you keep driving.

Payment Options

Quality DMV Defense isn’t something you plan on needing. If you need quality representation but funds aren’t available you shouldn’t compromise on your future. We offer a variety of payment plans to fit your needs, including Retainer Fund.


COVID-19 Update: The California DMV is OPEN!!!The California Department of Motor Vehicles - Driver Safety Office is Open & SUSPENDING Licenses

If you received a notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Safety Office you must act now.

The Driver Safety Offices are still doing business as usual, which means suspending your license. 

Hearings are still being processed and you can still defend yourself. 

California Drivers Advocates is a team of expert DMV Defense advocates. We represent drivers throughout California when their driver license comes into question with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

We are already defending drivers in their new virtual hearings at the DMV. Learn more here >

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