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DMV Administrative Advocates

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The Purpose of DMV Administrative Advocates

The DMV employee who sits in judgment of you at an Administrative Hearing is referred to as a “Hearing Officer.” This person is not a judge and is not an attorney. This person may not be a college graduate or a high school graduate. What they are is an employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles who have attended a few seminars and have been entrusted with one of the most powerful public employee positions in the State. DMV hearing officers are expected to sustain the suspension of a person’s driving privilege and can actually be disciplined or demoted if they find in favor of too many drivers.

The Hearing Officer is not impartial although they will tell you they are independent. The average person rarely understands the procedures and DMV processes to properly defend themselves against this Hearing Officer. Thus the need for professional DMV Administrative Advocates to fight for you.

What are DMV Administrative Advocates?

On the other side of the table is your representative. This is the person who stands to champion your position at the DMV and works to get your driver license reinstated. These representatives are referred to as “DMV Administrative Advocates.” Our team employs the services of several DMV Administrative Advocates to fight for our clients at DMV hearings. Our DMV Administrative Advocates are not attorneys. Our Advocates are former police officers or former DMV hearing officers with years of experience and thousands of administrative hearings under their belt. Our experience comes from the streets and from battles fought at the DMV. We grew out of the trenches and have the experience and the backbone to stand up for you.

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Why Do I Need DMV Administrative Advocates?[/fusion_title]

Advocates Increase Your Chances of Success at a Hearing.

Compare your DMV defense team to an NFL football team. DMV Administrative Advocates are like the quarterback on the field. He or she will call the shots. He or she will direct the work of the other team members (i.e. investigators, research personnel, toxicologists), but it is the Administrative Advocate who directs the handling of your case. They research and understand your case so that all relevant facts can be brought to light during the hearing and ensure the best possible chance for success. DMV Administrative Advocates live for only one purpose, the successful representation of you at your hearing.

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