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Limo Drivers DMV Defense

One of the least known categories of professional driving is the limousine (limo) driver; sometimes referred to as a “Chauffeur.” Limo drivers navigate the freeways and surface streets of every metropolitan city and suburb. Limo drivers are responsible for delivering actors to the Oscars, rock stars to concerts and our most wealthy citizens to lavish events. Limo drivers also work diligently to ensure honeymoons begin without delay, anniversaries are special, and that high school proms are never forgotten.

Limo drivers know every back road and short cut to get their passengers delivered to their destination safely and on time. Limo drivers know the location of the best restaurants and sports bars in town. Essentially, this class of professional driver can drive a car, get you the best cup of coffee, and whisk you to the hottest events in town.

Losing Your License and the Need  for Limo Drivers DMV Defense

Even though the State of California does not hold limousine drivers to the same standard as a truck driver or bus driver, the DMV will still suspend or revoke your driver license in an instant if they believe they have reason. The California Department of Motor Vehicles frequently exercises its power to strip limousine drivers of their driving privilege with absolutely no regard to the impact on that person’s life. The DMV will not consider the loss of a job, the loss of one’s home, or the impact the license suspension has on your loved ones.

Start Protecting your License with Limo Drivers DMV Defense

There are numerous means by which the DMV can move to refuse, suspend, or revoke a license. If you receive notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles that they intend to refuse, suspend or revoke your license, you must act quickly. To protect your privilege, contact must be made with the Office of Driver Safety (DSO) within the first 10 days following the notice of suspension. Failure to contact the DMV within that time period forfeits your right to a hearing and the suspension or revocation is automatic. You are entitled to fight for yourself and you cannot make the suspension/revocation any worse by doing so. All you can do is make the situation better.

How Can We Help A Limo Driver?   –   Our professional team has been assisting limo drivers in California for decades. We understand exactly what it takes to represent you and fight for your ability to continue to hold your license as well as continue to earn and provide for yourself and family. Our team has the resources as well as the experience to ensure that all aspects of your DMV defense are covered and that you are provided the best possible chance to maintain your driving privilege. Detailed research of every client’s specific situation and factors contributing to the activity in question are analyzed and a formal plan is created to provide the best possible DMV defense. DO NOT trust your case with a less experienced team as it may result in the Loss of Your Driving Privilege.

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