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Notice of Priority Reexamination


Have You Received a Notice of “PRIORITY” Re-Examination?  If you have received a “Notice of Priority Re-Examination” you probably have just been confronted by a California Peace Officer. More than 90% of drivers who receive this notice have it handed to them while being cited for a moving violation or at the scene of a traffic collision. Essentially, this is the police officer’s demand that the DMV examine you immediately to determine if you are fit to drive. This Notice requires that you take immediate action to preserve your driving privilege.

Why is this Happening?  The vast majority of these notices are issued by police officers when they encounter a driver displaying a Physical or Mental symptom suggesting they may not be fit to drive or; if the officer suspects that person does not possess the skill necessary to drive safely.  If the police officer has such a suspicion, he conveys it to the DMV by issuing the “Notice of Priority Re-Examination.” He sends the original to the DMV and issues a pink copy to the driver.   Once the DMV receives this notice, they are mandated by law to interview and examine the driver to determine if there is a reason to suspend or revoke your driving privilege.

You MUST Take Immediate Action!


The “Notice of Priority Re-Examination” is the most immediate of any action taken by the DMV. Once you have received this notice, you MUST present yourself at the nearest Office of Driver Safety within 5 CALENDAR DAYS. If you do not appear within that time, the DMV will presume the Officer’s concern to be valid and they will immediately suspend or revoke your driving privilege…..Period!

The suspension or revocation of your driving privilege is automatic, defending yourself is not. Make no mistake, the DMV will presume the police officer had good reason to issue the Notice and they will suspend you without regard to your needs. You MUST defend yourself and you must start right now.


  • Loss of Driver’s License
  • Increased Automobile Insurance
  • Inability to Work & Provide Income

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