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How do I receive a Restricted Driver’s License and what are its limitations.

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Restricted Driver’s Licenses

It goes without saying that the privilege to drive can be a critical element to quality living in the State of California.  Because California is an enormous State and because the availability of public transportation is primarily centered in major metropolitan areas, the loss of one’s driving privilege can be devastating. Speaking bluntly, the suspension of one’s driver license can cost them their job, the ability to attend doctor’s appointments and, quite simply their freedom. A restricted driver’s license can prevent these challenges. A restricted driver’s license puts you back on the road. The restricted driver’s license is a picture id with limited privileges.

You May Need A Restricted Driver’s License

Following an arrest for DUI, the DMV will automatically move to suspend the accused person’s driving privilege.  If accused of a 1st Offense DUI, and provided that the driver did submit to a chemical test of their blood or breath, the DMV will seek to suspend that person’s driving privilege for 4 months.  That’s right, 120 days of no driving; even though the driver may have never been in trouble. A restricted driver’s license is the first step to regaining your full driving privilege.

Benefits of a Restricted Driver’s License

Simply put, a restricted driver’s license grants a driver limited driving privileges following a period of license suspension. Generally a driver will seek an upgrade to a restricted driver’s license following an arrest and suspension of their driving privilege for an allegation of Driving under the Influence (DUI).  Without a restricted driver’s license, that driver cannot drive to work and therefore cannot even provide for their family.   The restricted driver’s license permits the driver to drive anywhere, anytime, provided the driving is:

–To and From Work.

–During the course and scope of work.

–To and from the required DUI school.

The restricted driver’s license is a means by which the DMV is still able to sanction a driver but still allows that driver to keep their job.  It is specifically designed to prevent pleasure driving or convenience driving for the period the restricted driver’s license is in effect.  As always, when dealing with the DMV, there are pitfalls and exceptions that can severely limit or prohibit one’s ability to receive a restricted driver’s license.

Qualifying For Your Restricted Driver’s License

Fortunately, with rare exceptions, the accused driver may qualify for a restricted driver’s license provided they follow a series of steps to make them eligible.  To qualify for a restricted driver’s license, the accused driver must:

–Serve the minimum suspension period of 30 days.

–Enroll in an appropriate DUI school.  The school will file an electronic “proof of enrollment” with the DMV.

–Purchase an SR-22 Form from a licensed insurance agent.  The insurance agent will file proof of SR-22 with the DMV.

–Pay a re-issuance fee of $125.00 at any local DMV field office.

With these steps taken, and provided you have no other issues prohibiting an upgrade, you will be eligible for upgrade to a restricted driver’s license.  The provisions of the restricted driver’s license will remain in effect for 5 months.

We’re Here To Assist You In Obtaining Your Restricted Driver’s License

California Drivers Advocates , Inc. is a company devoted exclusively to assisting drivers in navigating the twists and turns of the DMV.    We can assist drivers in preparing for and qualifying for their upgrade to  a restricted driver’s license. On a daily basis, we deal with citizens who have lost their privilege to drive.  We are frequently asked for advice on how to survive a license suspension and how to get a driving privilege through a restricted driver’s license.

For more information about restricted driver’s licenses, connect with our Facebook page here. Specific questions about restricted driver’s license, feel free to contact us here.

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