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Sales Professionals DMV Defense

California’s economy depends on the ability of businesses, small and large, to sell their products to their customers. Producing the greatest “widget” in the world is pointless if you’re not able to get it into the hands of the consumer. To accomplish this critical goal, many businesses require that their sales professionals “hit the road” and bring their products directly to the consumer’s door step. Each morning, millions of the State’s best Sales Professionals start their engines for a day of driving to meet current and prospective customers and clients. Real estate agents, medical supply companies, IT professionals, software companies, insurance agents; just about any product that is for sale can have a Sales Professional on the road trying to make a living. For these hard working Californians, the loss of their driving privilege can mean the end of their professional lives. No driver license….. No job!


Losing Your License and the Need  for Sales Professionals DMV Defense

The vast majority of California’s Sales Professionals hold the basic Class “C” driver license. Despite the fact that these workers can rack up tens of thousands of driving miles each year, they are not held to the same high standard as are Commercial drivers. Even though the holder of the Class “C” license is not held to the standard of a professional driver, they can lose their license in an instant. Even though their entire livelihood may depend on their privilege to drive, that privilege can be stripped away in the blink of an eye.

Start Protecting your License with Sales Professionals DMV Defense

The California DMV routinely suspends or revokes the driving privilege of good, hard‐working, Californians who have simply made a mistake; been caught in a bad situation; or had a change in health status. The DMV has a supremely solemn duty to protect the safety of all California drivers. In some instances, the DMV becomes so focused on their desire to protect our roadways that they lose sight of the very people they are supposed to serve. Even if you are a devoted, loving father and husband or a caring, responsible mother and wife; if you attend church regularly; if you are a disabled military veteran; if you represent the very best that our society has to offer, you may still have your driving privilege ended.

How Can We Help A Sales Professional?   –   Don’t let DMV turn your professional life upside down without a fight. Every aspect of dealing with the DMV can be frustrating and quite confusing but, you don’t have to fight them alone. Our professional team has been assisting sales professionals in California for decades. We understand exactly what it takes to represent you and fight for your ability to continue to hold your license as well as continue to earn and provide for yourself and family. Our team has the resources as well as the experience to ensure that all aspects of your DMV defense are covered and that you are provided the best possible chance to maintain your driving privilege. Detailed research of every client’s specific situation and factors contributing to the activity in question are analyzed and a formal plan is created to provide the best possible DMV defense. DO NOT trust your case with a less experienced team as it may result in the Loss of Your Driving Privilege.

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