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Unlicensed Automobile Dismantling in Los Angeles County gets pinpointed

A recent investigation by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) targeted approximately 36 locations in the Los Angeles County, City of Wilmington, in an effort to combat unlicensed vehicle dismantlers; according to an article on their website. The operation took place on October 26, 2017, in which DMV investigators cited 24 individuals for unlicensed vehicle dismantling. The Vehicle Dismantler Industry Strike Team consists of DMV investigators whose sole mission is to identify and shut down unlicensed vehicle dismantlers. According to the article, the strike team inspected business locations suspected of involvement in unlicensed vehicle dismantling activity in Los Angeles County. They found several individuals who were not permitted to be dismantling vehicles and who were not complying with state laws and regulations, as well as environmental guidelines.

In addition investigators also found that these unlicensed dismantlers were illegally selling used auto parts. It is illegal to sell used vehicle parts without proper acquisition from a licensed dismantler. The DMV wants to remind the public that “Unlicensed” vehicle dismantlers operate in the underground economy and do not comply with the licensing requirements. Unlicensed vehicle dismantlers also ignore environmental regulatory requirements, insurance obligations, workplace safety requirements, and avoid paying taxes. For example, vehicle fluids can seep and contaminate groundwater and defective parts can be sold to unsuspecting people, creating a potential public safety hazard”. If you suspect individuals or businesses of  taking part in this illegal act, please report it immediately in an effort to protect your community.

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