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Win an Order of Suspension Revocation Hearing

What Happens at an Order of Suspension/Revocation Hearing?  Appearing at a DMV Hearing to deal with an “Order of Suspension/Revocation” means the DMV has focused upon you and intends to strip you of the privilege to drive. You MUST be clear on what is happening here. The “Order of Suspension/Revocation” is a notice that that your driver license IS BEING SUSPENDED. The whole purpose of appearing at your hearing is to reverse that action.

Your Order of Suspension/Revocation Hearing will be conducted at one of several Driver Safety Offices in California. The Driver Safety Office is the DMV version of a court house and is where DMV Hearing Officers sit in judgment of drivers. In the world of the DMV, a Hearing Officer enjoys the same power as a Superior Court Judge. They hold the absolute power to reinstate your driving privilege or to immediately take you off the road.

The basic format for an Order of Suspension Revocation Hearing is similar throughout a variety of hearings. Essentially, the DMV presents its case and evidence to support the suspension or revocation of your license. Then the driver is permitted to make legal objections to the DMV’s evidence and then finally, the driver is permitted to offer their own evidence to rebut the allegation.

Make no mistake; this is a formal legal proceeding that few drivers understand. Being represented by a DMV Defense Expert gives you the best opportunity to prevail and keep your driver license.

How Can I Win an Order of Suspension Revocation Hearing?

The reason you are in front of the Hearing Officer is because they have some information that suggests you are not safe to drive or that you have violated some law that requires the suspension of your driver license. You may be facing the suspension or revocation of your driver license for: A DUI Arrest, Accumulating too many moving violations,  Failing to maintain auto insurance, Having a Physical or Mental Ailment, Involvement in a Fatal Auto Accident, Committing an act of fraud,  Addiction or habitual use of alcohol, Addiction or habitual use of drugs or meds.

Regardless of the reason for the DMV action, the Suspension/Revocation Hearing will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of California Administrative Law, The California Code of Procedures, The California Government Code, The California Evidence Code and The California Vehicle Code. This is a complicated and often misunderstood area of law. Fortunately, we have been conducting these hearings for decades and we know what it takes to win.

Winning an Order of Suspension/Revocation Hearing is all about experience and preparation. Because we can anticipate the DMV’s “angle” and what they are looking for, we build our client’s defense by proving that you are fit to drive or that there is no legal basis for a suspension or revocation your driver license.

Understanding the DMV process is critical; therefore the likelihood of you winning your Order of Suspension/Revocation Hearing without guidance is remote.  You can WIN a DMV hearing if you are properly guided, prepared, and assisted by a DMV Defense Expert. To prevail at a DMV Re-Examination Hearing requires much, much, more than having a casual chat with the Hearing Officer.

Don’t Wait, Call Now to Begin the Fight!

If you must face an Order of Suspension/Revocation Hearing, don’t do it alone. With a simple phone call you can put us on the playing field. You’ll be astonished at how quickly the tide begins to turn when you are represented by our team of DMV Defense Experts.

Time is precious in these cases so call us NOW.

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