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DMV Defense for Irvine California, Orange Driver Safety Office

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Irvine is a city in Orange County, California and is accessible from Interstate 5, 405, and California Highways 55, 73, 133, and 261. This affluent city is a planned city and was originally developed in the 1960’s. University of California Irvine, Pretend City Children’s Museum, Irvine Spectrum Mall and K1 Speed Irvine are just a few of the many attractions located in Irvine, California. Irvine is mainly a city consisting of housing and residential areas and thus the traffic traveling in and around the city is usually congested and the potential for local law enforcement to target drivers and put their license in jeopardy is high. California Highway patrol, Irvine Police and Orange County Sheriff’s patrol these routes routinely and drivers can sometimes fall victim, and as a result need DMV Defense to protect their ability to drive. Our team offers professional, affordable and successful DMV Hearing Defense for residents and guests of Irvine, California.

What We Do – DMV Hearing Defense

Our team provides the highest level of DMV Hearing Defense at the Orange DMV Driver Safety Office. We have been defending the driving privileged for California Drivers for decades in DMV Driver Safety Offices throughout California. Learn more about our DMV Hearing Defense team here.

Ready to Initiate Your Defense? If you are in need of the highest level of DMV Hearing Defense contact our team. Time is sensitive and if you have already received notification from the DMV the clock has already started and your window to schedule a hearing and defend your ability to drive legally in California is shrinking. Call us at 888.821.5244 or use our contact form here.

Where We Defend for Residents/Visitors of Irvine

California DMV Driver Safety Office – Orange, 790 The City Dr., Ste. 420, Orange, CA 92868-4941. The Division of Driver Safety is the enforcement branch of the California DMV.  They are empowered to deny, suspend or revoke a driver license if there is good cause to do so.  The Division of Driver Safety conducts administrative hearings to decide issues of suspension or revocation at special locations known as Driver Safety Offices.  Driver Safety Offices are large regional offices that are located throughout the State of California.  These are not the normal “field offices” where one goes to register their car. View other DMV Driver Safety Offices Here.

Common Types of Hearings Held at the Orange DMV Driver Safety Office

The most common type of administrative hearings conducted at the Driver Safety Offices are:  Administrative Per SE (DUI), Zero Tolerance, Negligent Operator (Points), Negligent Operator (Fatal Accident), Negligent Operator (Injury Accident), Negligent Operator (Road Rage), Lack of Skill, Lapse of Consciousness, Physical and Mental Re-Examinations, Special Certificate (School Bus), Special Certificate (Ambulance), Special Certificate (Tow Truck), Fraudulent Activity and Financial Responsibility.

If the DMV is your Problem...

California Drivers Advocates is your solution. We Are Here To Defend Your Driving Privilege. Contact our DMV Defense Experts here.