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Driver Safety Information Regarding Lapse of Consciousness Disorders

There are numerous medical conditions that could cause a person to suffer a lapse of consciousness. One of the most common disorders that could lead to a lapse of consciousness is epilepsy. What causes a person to develop epilepsy is often unknown; however, it is a medical condition that may appear at any age. There are a score of other medical disorders that may also cause a person so suffer a sudden lapse of consciousness.  A few are:

  • Coronary of vascular problems,
  • Pulmonary problems,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Diabetes,
  • Brain tumors
  • Reactions to medications, 

State of California DMV Lapse of Consciousness Disorders: Appropriate Actions

In the event that a California licensed driver suffers a lapse of consciousness, the Department of Motor Vehicles has certain protocols that dictate action is appropriate for the given situation. The State of California Department of Motor Vehicle will evaluate the driver and initiate one of the following actions:

  • No Action will be taken
  • The driving record will be classified with a Medical Probation Type II
  • The driving record will be classified with a Medical Probation Type III
  • The driving license will be suspended
  • The driving license will be revoked

If the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles has taken an action against your driver license for a lapse of consciousness, it is important that you take immediate action toward regaining your privilege to drive. Seek the advice and support of an experienced team of DMV Advocates that can assist you. With the support of the right team, you may recover your privilege to drive. 

State of California DMV: Medical Probations

Under the State of California Vehicle Code Section 14250, the Department of Motor Vehicles has the legal authority to place any person’s driving privilege on probation. During a term of medical probation, the Department of Motor Vehicles can monitor a person’s medical condition continuously. With regard to  lapse of consciousness disorders, there are two appropriate medical probations:

  1. Medical Probation Type II
  2. Medical Probation Type III

Medical probation only allows a person to continue driving if the person can demonstrate through medical documentation that their disorder remains medically stable. 

State of California: Lapse of Consciousness Hearings

If the DMV has taken action against a driver’s driving privilege, the driver has the legal right to request a second opinion. In many cases, this means that the driver can ask for a hearing with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.  A person may be able to recover his or her driving privileges if he or she approaches the hearing in a correct manner. Most importantly, the driver should take the steps necessary to be completely prepared to present a broad spectrum of defense which includes documentary evidence, testimonial evidence and a legal argument.

If you or someone you know has had their driving privilege suspended for a lapse of consciousness, seek the advice and support of a qualified team of DMV Advocates who can help you through the complicated hearing process.

California Drivers Advocates are experienced in lapse of consciousness hearings. Don’t allow the DMV to suspend your driving privilege without a fight. Consult an experienced DMV defense professional as soon as possible.

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