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While CDA is proud to represent professional drivers at DMV administrative hearings, we never lose sight of the fact that regular, “everyday drivers” can be equally as devastated by the loss of their driving privilege. California is built on the back of “Joe Citizen,” the regular people of this State who rely heavily upon their privilege to drive and who can be equally as devastated by the loss of their driver license.


Who We Can Help With Individual DMV Defense

When you consider the wide range of non-professional drivers who can be affected by a license suspension, the examples are many. Consider the driver who: Commutes to and from work daily, Once at work, must drive a non-commercial vehicle to complete his job, Lives alone and has no one to rely upon for transportation, Is a college student, far away from home, Is a mother or father responsible for transporting their children to school or events, Is an elderly or ailing driver requiring frequent medical attention.


Commercial DMV Defense

What would happen if your driving privilege was stripped away? Could you lose your job or lose your home? Would people you love suffer from your inability to drive?

Among the most trusted professional drivers in California are Bus Drivers. Each day, several thousand commuters and children place their safety in the hands of the driver operating multi‐passenger transit and school buses. Whether the driver is moving passengers as part of a rapid transit system, or is moving developmentally handicapped children to school, we have the right to expect the driver to be well trained and to perform his job with great care…..Read More About How We Help Bus Drivers…..Truck Drivers Without question, the most recognized of California’s professional drivers is the truck driver. When one considers that the Port of Los Angeles and San Pedro are among the busiest in the world it is clear that a large segment of our population make their living driving commercial trucks. Major hubs for Federal Express, UPS, and the United States Postal Service call Southern California home. Short‐haul drivers, long‐haul drivers, concrete trucks, and automobile movers, all share the road with California’s every day drivers….Read More About How We Help Truck Drivers….Ambulance Drivers In a time of medical crisis, California residents will often rely upon the training and skill of an ambulance driver to deliver them swiftly and safely to emergency medical care. In a medical emergency, victims are among the most vulnerable of transported passengers and so the trust that we put in ambulance drivers is critical.….Read More About How We Help Ambulance Drivers….Tow Truck Drivers One of the inevitable truths about driving in California is that “cars break down.” If you are like most of us with terrible luck, your car will probably break down in the most inconvenient location possible. When this happens, we often turn to the tow truck driver to help us restore order to our lives. These professional drivers typically work for towing companies, service stations, or auto salvage businesses.…Read More About How We Help Tow Truck Drivers…. Limousine One of the least known categories of professional driving is the limousine (limo) driver; sometimes referred to as a “Chauffeur.” Limo drivers navigate the freeways and surface streets of every metropolitan city and suburb. Limo drivers are responsible for delivering actors to the Oscars, rock stars to concerts and our most wealthy citizens to lavish events. Limo drivers also work diligently to ensure honeymoons begin without delay, anniversaries are special, and that high school proms are never forgotten.…Read More About How We Help Limo Drivers…. Sales Professionals California’s economy depends on the ability of businesses, small and large, to sell their products to their customers. Producing the greatest “widget” in the world is pointless if you’re not able to get it into the hands of the consumer. To accomplish this critical goal, many businesses require that their sales professionals “hit the road” and bring their products directly to the consumer’s door step.…Read More About How We Help Sales Proffesionals….Taxi Drivers A very common group of professional drivers are the taxi drivers. Taxi drivers navigate the freeways and surface streets of every metropolitan city and suburb. They are responsible for delivering passengers to and from airports, beverage enthusiasts from local dinning and entertainment establishments and many other people to various places and events……Read More About How We Help Taxi Drivers….


We are aware that the everyday driver is just as important as the professional. Regular citizens have the need to drive and deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect as those who drive professionally. We understand your fear and understand what is at stake. Our professional team has been assisting drivers for decades. We understand exactly what it takes to represent individual and commercial drivers. We have the resources and experience to ensure that all aspects of the hearing are covered and that you are provided the best possible chance to maintain your driving privilege. DO NOT trust your case with a less experienced team as it may result in the Loss of Your Driving Privilege.

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COVID-19 Update: The California DMV is OPEN!!!The California Department of Motor Vehicles - Driver Safety Office is Open & SUSPENDING Licenses

If you received a notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Safety Office you must act now.

The Driver Safety Offices are still doing business as usual, which means suspending your license. 

Hearings are still being processed and you can still defend yourself. 

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