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What is a Lack of Skill suspension at the DMV

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Why does the DMV think I Lack the Skill to drive?  Any person who operates motor vehicles in the State of California is subject to the “Watchful Eye” of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The California DMV is one of the most powerful government agencies in the State of California because they possess the nearly unbridled power to suspend a person’s driving privilege at will.  The sudden loss of one’s driving freedom can cause serious financial troubles and can even affect one’s feeling of self-worth.

Because the unsafe operation of a motor vehicle can have devastating consequences, the California DMV will monitor all drivers in the state to ensure they remain courteous, safe and that they maintain the skill necessary to continue driving.  When it adopted our driving laws, the California State Legislature wrote sweeping provisions into the California Vehicle Code (CVC) that gives the DMV broad power to suspend or revoke a person’s driving privilege for virtually any reason it deems appropriate.Some of the more common reasons the DMV will suspend or revoke a driver license are:

  • DUI
  • Too many moving violations
  • Too many accidents
  • Physical or mental disorders
  • Fraud
  • Financial Responsibility

One of the more powerful focuses of the DMV is a person’s ability or SKILL to drive. In most instances, a Lack of Skill suspension will actually begin as something entirely different.  For example, a driver may come into the DMV’s focus because of a physical or mental disorder, but then during that process, the driver may have some difficulty passing a written test or a driving test.  In that instance, the DMV will re-focus itself on a driver’s Lack of Skill as opposed to the original physical or mental concern.

Another example of what the DMV may determine is a Lack of Skill is the misapplication of control pedals.  If a driver’s foot slips from the brake pedal onto the accelerator, which causes a sudden acceleration and a crash, the DMV may believe that suggests the driver no longer possesses the skill to drive.  A simple slip of the foot may be viewed as something much more serious.

How do I prove to the DMV that I do not Lack the Skill to drive? If you’re asking this question, clearly the DMV is in the process of suspending or revoking your driving privilege.   To properly defend yourself against such an attack you must evaluate three issues:

  • Why is the DMV taking this action? What caused this problem?
  • Do I really Lack the Skill to drive?
  • Who should I select to represent me?

Why is the DMV taking this action? It is important for you to understand what has caused the DMV to focus on you.  Did you fail a written test?  Did you fail a driving test?  Did your foot slip off of the brake pedal onto the accelerator which caused a traffic accident?  It is important for you to have a clear picture of how you got here.  That way you can make a plan of attack.

Do I really Lack the Skill to Drive?  This is a very important question that only you can answer for yourself.  Every time we get behind the wheel of a car, we accept the profound responsibility of keeping other drivers safe.  If we have reached a point in our lives where we can no longer drive because of a physical or mental condition, then it is time to hang up our keys.  If we cannot safely drive because we have aged to a point where our vision, perception and reaction time are affected, it is time to stop driving.  This requires self-assessment and requires that we be honest with ourselves.  If you really do believe, however, that you still maintain the skill necessary to drive safely, then it is time to defend yourself.

Who should I select to represent me? The California Vehicle Code makes it clear that an accused driver may be represented by anyone of their choosing at a DMV Administrative Hearing.  If the California DMV has notified you that they intend to suspend or revoke your driving privilege because of a Lack of Skill, you are entitled to fight for yourself and your driving privilege at a formal hearing before the DMV.  You are permitted to present relevant witnesses and evidence to demonstrate you do possess the requisite skills to drive.

Known as a Lack of Skill Hearing, this is a full-blown evidentiary hearing where evidence is introduced, witnesses may testify and experts may offer opinions.  Legal arguments are waged and decisions are made.

If you are facing the prospect of losing your driving privilege for a Lack of Skill, you should be represented by a DMV Defense Expert with years of training and experience in fighting the DMV.  There is no school that teaches anyone how to conduct these hearings.  This is truly a specialty field that requires years of experience to master.

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