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Our DMV Defense for Truck Drivers

Without question, the most recognized of California’s professional drivers is the truck driver. When one considers that the Port of Los Angeles and San Pedro are among the busiest in the world it is clear that a large segment of our population make their living driving commercial trucks. Major hubs for Federal Express, UPS, and the United States Postal Service call Southern California home. Short‐haul drivers, long‐haul drivers, concrete trucks, and automobile movers, all share the road with California’s every day drivers.Google estimates that there are as many as 10 million commercial trucks on the nation’s roadways each day.

Although there is no way around the great importance of the trucking industry to the American economy, keeping the roads safe is a primary focus of the California DMV. The DMV has the power to grant the coveted “Commercial Driver’s License” (CDL) to those drivers who meet and maintain high standards of skill and proficiency. Because so much rests in the hands of a truck driver, they are held to a set of standards much higher than is expected of an everyday driver. Only professional drivers will receive and keep a Commercial Driver License. A CDL is proof of one’s professional skills and aptitude.

Losing Your License and the Need  for Truck Drivers DMV Defense

Because of the tremendous trust given to professional drivers and because of the potential danger they pose to the general public if not regulated, the California DMV holds Commercial Drivers to a very high standard. Many professional drivers are not fully aware of the scope of authority the DMV has to suspend or revoke the CDL. Whether you commit a violation in a commercial vehicle or your private vehicle, the DMV can and will suspend or revoke your CDL if they believe you are not upholding the standards required of a professional driver.

Start Protecting your License with  Truck Drivers DMV Defense

There are numerous means by which the DMV can move to refuse, suspend, or revoke a license. If you receive notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles that they intend to refuse, suspend or revoke your license, you must act quickly. To protect your privilege, contact must be made with the Office of Driver Safety (DSO) within the first 10 days following the notice of suspension. Failure to contact the DMV within that time period forfeits your right to a hearing and the suspension or revocation is automatic. You are entitled to fight for yourself and you cannot make the suspension/revocation any worse by doing so. All you can do is make the situation better.

How Can We Help A Truck Driver?   –  Our professional team has been assisting truck drivers in California for decades. We understand exactly what it takes to represent you and fight for your ability to continue to hold your license as well as continue to earn and provide for yourself and family. Our team has the resources as well as the experience to ensure that all aspects of your DMV defense are covered and that you are provided the best possible chance to maintain your driving privilege. Detailed research of every client’s specific situation and factors contributing to the activity in question are analyzed and a formal plan is created to provide the best possible DMV defense. DO NOT trust your case with a less experienced team as it may result in the Loss of Your Driving Privilege.

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