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Win a Reexamination Hearing Lapse of Consciousness

What Happens at a Reexamination Hearing Lapse of Consciousness?  If you are scheduled for a Reexamination Hearing based on a Lapse of Consciousness, the DMV has received information from some source that you have a Physical or Mental condition that could cause you to lose consciousness when driving. The purpose of the Reexamination Hearing is to allow a DMV Hearing Officer to investigate the issue and then make a determination if you are a hazard.

The DMV will launch an investigation and order a Reexamination Hearing for a Lapse of Consciousness if you have suffered a seizure, have experienced a fainting episode, have fallen asleep at an inappropriate time, or suffer with any Physical or Mental condition which may affect your conscious ability to safely drive.

There are two potential phases to the Reexamination Hearing:

1.)    The Interview Stage—essentially the interview stage occurs in the Hearing Officer’s office and is tape recorded. The interview is conducted “in-person” so the hearing officer can see and hear you. It gives the DMV an opportunity to decide on the spot if you should be taken off the road. Many drivers appear at these interviews completely unprepared. They have no idea what to expect and are often taken off-guard by probative and often callous interrogation by the Hearing Officer. Many times, The Interview Stage results in the suspension of the driver license. A person can literally walk into the DMV with their driver license intact and, one-hour later, be calling a taxi for a ride home.

2.)    The Hearing Stage—following the interview, if the DMV Hearing Officer decides that the suspension or revocation of your driver license is warranted, you then have 14 days to schedule an actual hearing. This Hearing Stage is an opportunity for the driver to reverse the decision made at the Interview Stage by means of testimony and evidence, but remember, while you’re preparing for the Hearing Stage, your driver license remains suspended or revoked.

 Depending upon the issues raised at the Reexamination hearing, the result can be a full reinstatement of your driving privilege. If the Hearing Officer does not fully reinstate you, there is the possibility of a medical probation, a driving restriction, a suspension, or the full and permanent revocation of your driving privilege.

How Can I Win a Reexamination Hearing Lapse of Consciousness?  A Reexamination Hearing for a Lapse of Consciousness is a formal legal proceeding that occurs face-to-face with a DMV Hearing Officer. The hearings are ominous but they can be WON.

Winning a Reexamination Hearing for a Lapse of Consciousness comes down to one thing………… You MUST BE PREPARED. Our DMV Defense Experts know exactly what the DMV Hearing Officer will be looking for and we know exactly how to counter their move. We have been fighting these battles for decades and can do the same for you.

We will proactively investigate the allegation against you and prepare to present “affirmative evidence” that disproves the case against you. Our goal is to shut down this process as quickly as possible and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Understanding the DMV Reexamination process is critical. You can WIN a Reexamination Hearing for a Lapse of Consciousness if you are properly guided, prepared, and assisted by a DMV Defense Expert. To prevail at a DMV Reexamination Hearing requires much, much, more than having a casual chat with the Hearing Officer.

 We Are Ready To Begin Fighting to Win!

If you must appear for a Reexamination Hearing for a Lack of Consciousness, call us now. We’ll take everything. We will collect the evidence the DMV intends to use against you and then initiate a series of proactive steps to have you fully prepared to WIN your Reexamination Hearing. There is a lot to accomplish in a short period of time so call us NOW.

In the beginning, the DMV has all the control……..They hold all the cards. You’ll be astonished at how quickly things change when you are represented by a DMV Defense Expert from CDA. A phone call to CDA is your first step toward keeping your driver license.

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