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New Bill Introduced

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In the California State Legislature, a new State Bill has been introduced to increase the penalties for drunk drivers in a way that has many civil rights proponents up in arms. State Bill 755 is currently working it’s way through the California State Legislature at a fevered pace and could wind up on Govern Jerry Brown’s desk any day.
If passed and signed into Law State Bill 755 would strip a citizen of their 2nd Amendment Right to own and bear arms if within a period of three years that citizen is convicted for a 2nd Offense violation of DUI, or a second offense violation of drunk in public.
This is nothing short of astonishing. The stripping of gun rights has classically been reserved for those persons convicted of Felony Crimes or certain misdemeanor crimes such as Domestic Violence. This is chilling example of the Government stripping our citizens of Constitutionally protected rights at the whim of State Legislator with an axe to grind. How in the world does a conviction for DUI in anyway correlate to a person’s right to responsibly own a firearm. Watch out America…………Big Brother is working to diminish one of the fundamental rights given to us by our forefathers.

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