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Win a Lack of Skill Reexamination Hearing

What Happens at a Lack of Skill Reexamination Hearing?: If the Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV) suspects you Lack the Skill to drive and you are scheduled for a Re-Examination Hearing you are about to embark on a journey you are probably not prepared for. Lack of preparation is your greatest enemy when dealing with the DMV.

Driving in California is a conditional privilege. One of the conditions attached to the driving privilege is that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate a motor vehicle. From time to time, the DMV will receive information they believe demonstrates that you do not possess the necessary skills to drive.

The Re-Examination hearing for a Lack of Skill is the DMV Hearing Officer’s opportunity to evaluate you “face to face” to make the decision between returning you the road or, suspending/revoking your driving privilege. During these hearings it is quite common for the hearing officer to unexpectedly order a driver to perform a series of tasks that they are not prepared for. Preparation is the secret to success; not being prepared can spell disaster for your driving privilege.

The Lack of Skill Re-Examination Hearing is a formal, legal proceeding run according to the provisions of Administrative Law. Under this category of law, the DMV is not required to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you are unsafe to drive. The Hearing Officer only need find to a mere “preponderance of the law.” This simply means the Hearing Officer believes it is probable that you have a Lack of Skill. This is a very low standard and, if not defended, it is very easy for the DMV to establish.

Fortunately, the Lack of Skill Re-Examination hearing can be handled in a professional, proactive, and productive manner. If you are prepared for everything the Hearing Officer will throw at you; if you are prepared to present “affirmative evidence” which clearly demonstrates you do possess the skill to drive, you can come out a WINNER.

How Can I Win a Lack of Skill Reexamination Hearing?: The reason you are in this predicament is because the DMV possesses some information that suggests you are not safe to drive. The issues can be related to Physical or Mental problems, a Lack of Skill a Lack of Knowledge, or a variety of other things that cause the DMV concern.

Winning a Lack of Skill Re-Examination Hearing comes down to one thing………… Preparation – Preparation – Preparation. Our DMV Defense Experts know exactly what the DMV Hearing Officer will be looking for and we know how to counter their move. We will prepare you in the event the Hearing Officer:

  • Orders a written test.
  • Orders a vision test.
  • Orders a “behind-the-wheel test.

Most importantly we will proactively investigate the allegation against you and prepare to present “affirmative evidence” that disproves the allegation against you. Our goal is to shut down this process as quickly as possible but, you don’t do any of this on your own. We lead you through the process every step of the way. The best possible approach is for you to show up with evidence the Hearing Officer did not expect that clearly demonstrates their information is wrong.

To win you must be represented by a professional who can anticipate the Hearing Officer’s every move and have you ready to respond. You can WIN a DMV hearing if you are properly guided, prepared, and assisted by a DMV Defense Expert. To prevail at a DMV Re-Examination Hearing requires much, much, more than having a casual chat with the Hearing Officer.

Don’t Delay…….Call Us NOW so We Can Lead You to Victory!!

If you have received a “Notice of Re-Examination” for a Lack of Skill, call us now. We will immediately take you from being reactive to proactive. We will guide you and spearhead the efforts to find and secure the evidence necessary to beat the DMV at its own game.

In the beginning, the DMV has all the control……..They hold all the cards. But, you’ll be astonished at how quickly things change when you are represented by a DMV Defense Expert from CDA.

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