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Win a Priority Reexamination Hearing

What Happens at a Priority Reexamination Hearing?  Without exception, the Priority Reexamination Hearing is the most immediate and “hard-hitting” of all Administrative Hearings conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Even those drivers accused of DUI or those who have been involved in fatality traffic accidents don’t have to react as quickly as the Driver who is scheduled for a Priority Reexamination.

If you have been served with a “Notice of Priority Reexamination” you have 5-days to present yourself to a DMV Hearing Officer at the Office of Driver Safety (DSO). This does not mean that you must call within 5-days; you must actually appear “in-person” within 5-days of receiving the notice. In almost all instances, this is occurring because a California Peace Officer contacted you and came to suspect that you have some Physical or Mental condition that makes you an immediate hazard to the motoring public. Perhaps the Peace Officer felt you demonstrate a Lack of Skill making it unsafe for you to drive. Whatever the reason, the DMV has now focused on you and you must address their concern immediately or your driving privilege will be suspended or revoked.

Most drivers will take their Notice of Priority Reexamination and just walk into a Driver Safety Office with no clue of what they are about to experience. Many don’t even know why they have been ordered to appear. This is NOT the correct way to enter the DMV Priority Reexamination process. You must be informed…..You must be prepared or you will lose your driver license and feel like you’ve been hit by a government truck.

At the Priority Reexamination Hearing most drivers will be directed to take a written test. Most will be required to take a vision test and some will be directed to take a “behind-the-wheel” test. Most disturbing however, is the interview that is conducted by the DMV Hearing Officer. The DMV Hearing Officer is extremely powerful and holds the absolute discretion to take you off the road. Many Hearing Officers subscribe to the theory that verbal aggression and rude behavior can uncover physical or mental symptoms that would otherwise remain hidden. Make no mistake….The hearing officer will intend to push you to get at the truth.

Don’t be caught unaware…… Don’t be taken advantage of…..Call us immediately and we can assist you in preparing for your Priority Reexamination. We’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

How We Can Win a Priority Reexamination Hearing.  To be frank, there is no substitute for experience. The DMV Defense Experts from CDA have survived the “trial by fire” at the DMV for decades. We know what the DMV intends to do, we know the information they will seek and we know how to present you in the best light possible.

The Priority Reexamination is a formal legal proceeding that is conducted pursuant to the provisions of California Administrative Law, the California Code of Procedures, the California Vehicle Code, and the California Evidence Code. It is complicated and overwhelming to most drivers.

The secret to success is preparation – preparation – preparation……..Period! Even though you only have 5-days to prepare yourself, with our guidance you can be fully prepared. You can be ready to challenge the written test. Assuming you have no vision problems, you can be ready to challenge the vision test. We can assist you in being ready for a “behind-the-wheel” test. But most importantly, we can have you ready to face the DMV Hearing Officer during their interview AND we will be right there with you. Even though time is short, we can be prepared to present “affirmative evidence” that demonstrates your fitness to drive safely. Coming in prepared and being eager to introduce evidence the hearing officer did not expect is the way to save you sinking ship.

This truly is a situation where “going it alone” is not the best plan of action. Priority Reexamination Hearings can be WON but you must be prepared for what you will face.

We Can Begin Your Defense Now!

Approaching a DMV Hearing Officer with a belief that they are good people with your best interest in mind is a mistake. The DMV Hearing Officer will presume that the information conveyed to them by a California Peace Officer is correct and that you should be taken off the road.

The very nature of the DMV system is “shoot first and ask questions later.” Don’t let this happen to you. We are ready to begin your defense NOW. You’ll be astonished how quickly the DMV changes its tune the moment they realize you are represented by a DMV Defense Expert from CDA. We’re here for you……….Make the call.

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COVID-19 Update: The California DMV is OPEN!!!The California Department of Motor Vehicles - Driver Safety Office is Open & SUSPENDING Licenses

If you received a notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Safety Office you must act now.

The Driver Safety Offices are still doing business as usual, which means suspending your license. 

Hearings are still being processed and you can still defend yourself. 

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